Are you ready to finally get started on your budget?

and in less than 30 minutes?!

The newly upgraded Paycheck Budget Spreadsheet will help you get it done fast!


"We paid off 2 cards!"  

  • "We have started budgeting! Your process made it easier to get started...We have paid off 2 charge cards and on our way to pay off the next two...we are working to have all charge cards paid off by March next year...which will have completed paying off $25,000.00 in debt!" 

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Let me guess, you frequently...

  • Lay awake at night wondering why you haven't saved to buy that land yet
  • Wonder why you can't seem to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, even though you make good money
  • Think you are a failure because you can't make basic math work

Well friend, I'm here to tell you that you are not alone. You are a strong capable mom that is doing the best she can.

You just need a simple and easy plan to follow.

The good new is, it's not too late to change things.

It's Time To Finally Start Saving Money...

Here's what you'll get inside this Yearly Paycheck Budget Spreadsheet

  • Get the Yearly Paycheck Budget Spreadsheet so you can track & project your spending for the WHOLE year, so you can know exactly how you can save each month.
  • This is the exact method I used to help me pay off $45,000 in 17 months!
  • You only need to plug in your own numbers, the hard work is done!
  • No need to carry a bulky planner around! Get accountability in your back pocket!
  • Get on the same page as your spouse with your budget by sharing the sheet together!
  • Stop wondering if you can spend the money while inside the store. Know exactly what you can spend while shopping WITHOUT the guilt!

Start planning the life you DREAM about instead of wishing for it.

It's Already Made For You!  

  • "I LOVE SPREADSHEETS! This is a great model to go by. All I need to do is input my numbers & expenses. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!"


  • Worksheets for each month for the whole year, including each paycheck plus the month at a glance
  • Year at a glance worksheet so you can easily track your progress each month including saving funds
  • Videos explaining how to use this sheet- that are searchable!
  • Already made formulas so you can just plug in your numbers and go!

Plan out your entire year in less than 30 minutes!

Each month is broken down into budgets for each paycheck. Making it EASIER to actually stick to your budget!

Manage your family's budget in less than an hour each month! You have enough to do!

Plus you don't have to print anything out!

And unlike a printable planner, you can track your spending on the go, on your phone!

What's all in this...

Plan out your entire year automatically in less than 30 minutes! Each paycheck budget is set up once and let the spreadsheet do the rest!

See all your spending and income for the entire year at once! Plus added charts to compare how your actual spending compared to your budget plan. So you can easily see where the money leaks are coming from.

Actual spending and tracking sheets so you can easily know where your money is going. Plus share the sheet with your spouse so you can quickly and easily stick to your budget spending plan.

Visual bill calendar so you can see which bills to pay from which paycheck quickly for any month!

Quickly plan out each pay day so you can be intentional with your spending – so you can pay off debt faster!

Know how much you've saved for all those things that seem to "pop up" through the year that always wreck your budget!

"It's so easy to use!"

Hey Friend!

I am Ashley Patrick, personal finance expert, and founder of Budgets Made Easy. I help busy moms save money and pay off debt using simple systems so they can reach their big dreams easier and faster.

I was able to pay off $45,000 in just 17 months I am a Master Financial Coach and help people like you manage their budgets so they can save money and pay off debt faster and easier.

It's time to stop wishing and start living the life you want.


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Do I need Microsoft Excel to use this?

No! This includes a Google Sheet so you do not need Excel. You only need a FREE Google account.

I do not know how to use spreadsheets well, can I still use this?

I would recommend that you have a basic understanding of how to use a spreadsheet. But I do provide detailed video step-by-step instructions. The spreadsheet is very easy to use.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, if you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can request a refund within 7 days of purchase.

Can I use this with Microsoft?

You can download an Excel file but I can’t guarantee that it will work as expected. This sheet was built using Google Sheets which is free to use.

Is this spreadsheet in detail or just one month overview?

This is a very detailed yearly paycheck budget spreadsheet.

Does this work if I get paid irregularly or bi-weekly or weekly?

Yes to all of the above. This is a paycheck budget so you budget for each paycheck even if it's weekly or bi-weekly. If you get paid irregularly, I recommend doing a weekly budget.

It's so simple!  

  • "They are absolutely amazing!!! They make it so simple to create a budget and see where your money is going.  I am so glad I purchased this!"

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